The Final Question by Donald Swarbrick
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I found this fascinating quote today:

          This one came from one of my Dear Friend Donald Swarbrick. His article caught my attention because I’ve been asking the same question that until now gave me no answer. Here it is;

"There is one final question which I cannot answer, and to which the answer is not even coded in the Bible and, will probably never be answered as we just do not know where to begin,YES BEGIN! That is almost the question! Where did the first grain of dust or atom come from? Or, where did the chemicals that produced the gas to create the first Big Bang originate from? The ultimate question in other words, how, out of absolutely nothing, did these ingredients appear, and accumulate to cause such an astounding chain reaction, exploding and creating such splendour and beauty throughout the vast emptiness that we now call outer space,"  Donald Swarbrick, Unfeathered Angels, Jan 2009

You should read the whole article here.

Heavenly yours,


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Give a Life Foundation (Philippines)
4:47 AM | Author: AgentPX

This blog post is part of Zemanta's "Blogging For a Cause" campaign to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes that bloggers care about.

   Face_sepia_revd The Philippines is one of the poorest country in the World. Most of the families, especially the unfortunate ones cannot afford Hospital bills when they get sick. Though many institutions locally are helping them, everyone is  not lucky enough to be enlisted because of the overwhelming count. Only those children that need prompt attention are listed first inline.

Zemanta We'll be donating $6000 to non-profits/charities that get most blogged about in next 4 weeks. Check the event page for details at


When I stumble upon Zemanta's "Blogging For a Cause" Give a Life Foundation is the first one that came into my mind. Probably because this institution mainly focuses it’s assistance to sick Children. Below is an excerpt from the said foundation’s official website.

“Give A Life children's charity, for the under-privileged sick and dying in the Philippines. Some of Manila's largest pediatric wards need your help. Your donations will provide life saving medicine and equipment for children from the poorest families in the Philippines. The Give A Life Foundation, ensures that 100 % of your gifts go to help sick children in the pediatric wards of Luzon and the Philippines ! Our primary goal is to replace and upgrade the equipment used in these wards. We have also created a new, cost effective and efficient systems for access to medicines, antibiotics, cancer drugs, medical supplies, disinfectants and soaps for the very poorest cases.”

My apology for posting below, pictures of the children needing medical assistance. I don’t want to be accused of exploiting these children but I believe people seeing  these would understand the true meaning of giving and caring for all those in need.

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Give a Life Foundation won the top prize at the 39th Grand Anvil Award. It is awarded the GRAND ANVIL plus the ANVIL AWARD of EXCELLENCE. This highly prestigious award was presented by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines.


One of Give a Life Foundation’s on-going project worth mentioning is the “Refurbishment at the Jose Fabella Pediatric Intensive Care Unit” This hospital is the central lying in for  those women giving birth who cannot afford the high cost of private hospital’s medicine, room rate and amenities.

There are many ways to help Give a life foundation. I listed the following guidelines in extending your help for this cause.

  • You can donate by cash, check or credit card. clicking this link (Donate) will get you to Give a life donation's page.
  • You can also deposit your funds in the following Bank:
    ACCOUNT #: 043-007724-6
  • See the Give A Life Wish List
    for Urgent and Essential Drugs
    if you wish to Donate a specific item

  • See the Give A Life Wish List
    for Life Saving Equipment
    if you wish to Donate a specific item

  • A copy of the latest and fully audited accounts, are available from the Give a Life Foundation.

  • You can also contact the founder Mr. Steve Jarvis by email:

  • And the most important help that you can give is to spread the word about this cause by using the power of Social Network. I have included tools below so you can easily share this article to your friends and families. If you are a blogger you are most welcome to re-blog my posts as long as you include a back links.


I’m appealing to all Bloggers to re-blog this posts or create their own featuring the charity institution “Give a life Foundation”. The most blogged non profit/charity will be awarded the $6000 donation from the sponsors of this cause.

If you’re a Digg or Reddit user, all you have to do is shout this link to your community friends.

You may also join through BlogCatalog group at Blogging for a Cause: Give a Life Foundation

Just this afternoon, May 12, 2009 4:20 PM I received an email from Give a Life Foundation. Here is an excerpt;

Hi Sir Vic,

We want to thank you for creating the blog, we already saw it  and it was so good. Mr. Stephen Jarvis sent his warmest appreciation for making that blog. Thank you vey much and we really do appreciate what you’ve done. If you will be needing  pictures and videos that you can upload on the blog or in “you tube” we are very much willing to send you a copy.

It is the mission of the foundation to extend our service to children who are less fortunate in providing medication to their illnesses. We want to help those children who are sick, and yet they don’t have any money to sustain the medicine they need. It really hurts to see such incidents when parents beg for help, and those children who are suffering.
You’ re blog will serve as an eye-opener for those people who are able to help. Thank you for the effort and the time that you’ve shared with us.

More power and God bless!
Give A Life Charity Foundation

Reading the letter above, I cannot express the feeling that ran through me. Considering that I lost my Job on the day I wrote this BLOG, It is nothing than those children suffering as of this writing. But hey don’t worry. I’m always good at dealing with hard times.

So there it is, this blog post became personal …Oh look my tears are to publish this update now. God Bless Us all.

I recently found a related article by a Blogcatalog friend. Please do check it out at Me Blogged U .

Thanks in advance for your help.
Heavenly Yours,
Victor Tiamson | Create Your Badge
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An inspiring food for thought!
4:54 PM | Author: AgentPX








...and you question   God -'why me?'..
always look at the bigger picture....

A day without the Lord- Is a day wasted.

God is going to shift things around for you today
and let things work in your favor.
If you believe, send this to ten people.

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