The Final Question by Donald Swarbrick:Heavenly yours
The Final Question by Donald Swarbrick
9:18 PM | Author: AgentPX

I found this fascinating quote today:

          This one came from one of my Dear Friend Donald Swarbrick. His article caught my attention because I’ve been asking the same question that until now gave me no answer. Here it is;

"There is one final question which I cannot answer, and to which the answer is not even coded in the Bible and, will probably never be answered as we just do not know where to begin,YES BEGIN! That is almost the question! Where did the first grain of dust or atom come from? Or, where did the chemicals that produced the gas to create the first Big Bang originate from? The ultimate question in other words, how, out of absolutely nothing, did these ingredients appear, and accumulate to cause such an astounding chain reaction, exploding and creating such splendour and beauty throughout the vast emptiness that we now call outer space,"  Donald Swarbrick, Unfeathered Angels, Jan 2009

You should read the whole article here.

Heavenly yours,


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