JumbaFund, Every View Counts Toward Charity (YouTube):Heavenly yours

Found this channel about a Young Teen named Kevin, raising and donating fund from YouTube Views. The video below made possible for him to donate around $1700k in one Charity. I hope Kevin discover this post and make a contribution to “Give a Life Foundation” here in the Philippines.

This Idea I think was initiated by YouTube because when you subscribe to the said channel you will also be ask if you also want to subscribe to other popular YouTube Channels like;


HappySlip and ChristineGambito - also Happyslip’s channel

So Please go to JumbaFund Channel, watch some videos and subscribe. It won’t take much of your time. Promise.

Heavenly yours,



From the Video Author;

I want to start by saying this video was made around 8-9 months ago, but I've waited til today to launch this project :)

How this idea started: The idea started when I wanted to make a separate channel to KevJumba, where I could take my camera around and post casual videos often, something you don't really see on my other channel. Since I'm a YouTube partner, I can create multiple channels and earn revenue on this site based on the number of views I get. Rather than making a second channel to profit from, I decided I wanted to have this channel made strictly for charity,

When I thought of it, I knew it had to be done. What this means is that anyone who watches the videos on this new channel (including this one) are helping the cause by donating to charity. So to all my viewers that have been following me and watching my videos, I appreciate it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do something like this.


Here’s HappySlip’s charity channel

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